How To Use This Blog

There is just no excuse!  If you have even 30-45 mins a day to spend with your child you can use this one stop site to be inspired, play a game, color a worksheet, its all right here!  Turn the TV off. Death to silence! Start playing and talking! You can do this! 

  • NOTE: Next to each animal or nature object I have added a link, usually a wikipedia link, with information about that animal and object.   That link is not there for your child,  it’s there for YOU! If you want to, read about the topic right before you start or while your child is doing a craft and pick up tadbits about the topic.  It will help you look like a know-it-all rockstar in front of your child! 🙂  Its so important that kids see US their parents as their #1 teacher and resident expert! If we do this ages 0-5 the impact will last a lifetime.
  • When possible, I chose videos that had professionally narration.  Listen to the narrator speak and learn how to explain details about the subject.  Let this be your “cheat” sheet!
  • Some companies want you to watch their video on THEIR youtube channel.  When you click on the video it will ask for you to watch it on YOUTUBE, just click on it again and it will take you there.
  • Make a binder with your letter worksheets.  Use a three hole puncher and keep them after you make them, when possible.  Why? What better “Alphabet Book” than the one your own child makes? When people come over, show off and show your guest. Let your child see you praising his/her work to others!  It helps build their self-esteem.
  • Keep track of the letters you are covering but don’t feel obligated to start with the letter A.  For free flashcards you can go to:
  • Have you child trace each letter on worksheet with a glue stick then glitter.  Save. Later on, have him trace the “glittered” letter with his hand. You can also make sandpaper letters like the ones Montessori uses. Google “make sandpaper letters” or go here:
  • Find other worksheets for the same letter online. There are many. Color. Cut and Paste. Draw. Use stickers, glitter, etc. to create texture.  Don’t make it work! Make it fun. 
  • After you watch videos, create crafts (we’ll give you ideas) and artwork.  Whenever possible keep it in the binder.
  • There might be more than one post for a letter. Don’t show them to your child all at once.  Show them one animal or theme and do the related activites.  Remember, you want your child to enjoy him/herself and learn the different animals as well as the letter. 
  • Take your focus off the LETTER and start developing vocabulary in your child and identifying with nature.  Knowing the ABCs is great but understanding what sounds those letters make, words that start with those sounds, and having a ton of vocabulary and life knowledge is way way waaaaayyy better!

Maybe you were looking for a way for you child to recognize the letters of alphabet, but will end up with a child that knows his letters, animals, plants, what animals eat and more! Yeeeyy!

BONUS: Older kids will like videos and you can get them to help with crafts. You can also talk to them about CAREERS like, working at the zoo or being an international photographer, etc. Start talking about the future with your older ones and let them use their imagination with ideas on what they want to be!  Here’s an example:


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