Come Here First!

When you have time, read my notes below.  They are my version of 14 books about early education, countless articles, and 2.5 years of trying to get this thing right! 

I honestly believe that if you read and follow, the information below it will save you tons of time tons of grief and tons of money.  I promise.


Letter recognition (aka kids knowing their ABCs)  is an important part of early literacy. But its SO much more than that. 

Reading and writing and tied to hearing and speaking a language.  Children need to be exposed to written language like books and worksheets but they first need to hear as many sounds and words as possible.  This is why we need to talk to babies and toddlers about a lot of things, all the time.  It is because they need to hear and learn the sounds they will later learn to read and write.  The more sounds and sound combinations a child has learned by hearing and eventually speaking, the more sounds and sound combinations a child will be able to recognize in the written form and be able to read and write them!

BUT, sometimes its hard just “talking” to babies and toddlers.  After all…they are…um…KIDS!  Its not like regular conversation with older children or adults. The parent introduces and moves along the dialogue. It’s A LOT work.

That’s why we need prompts! We need ideas on things to talk about. and ew language to use.  That’s what led me to youtube and google images.  Sometimes, I just needed something to give me a little push.  Sitting around the house would never lead me to words like safari, decay, fungi, or even metamorphasis, but when I would hear them in a nature video I would take time to use them with my prince.

One day, I realized I’m wasn’t the only parent that found it challenging to talk to babies and toddlers about rich, diverse, complex things!  That’s why this site was created, whether you have all day or an hour in between picking up the kids and putting them to sleep, silence and television are NOT your friends.  This site is a one stop shop for teaching our kids the ABCs and so much more. 


Babies and toddlers learn by doing and playing.  When you expose your child to an idea such as an animal/letter/place in world/sound a brain connection is made but it becomes permanent when you nurture and repeat it (aka make it come alive through play and activities that involve more than one sense and you do so, more than once).

In other words, don’t just watch video or look at letter once and expect child to know a letter or word. You have to tie the video and words to activities, acting, worksheets, coloring, gluing, etc. and again, you have to do it…more than once…in more than ONE way!

To help you out, I have included ideas and/or worksheets for each video.  Literately, I have taken the guesswork out of it.  Each entry covers a letter, link to worksheets, craft ideas, videos, pics. It’s all right there.


Kids have an instinctual attraction towards nature.  What better way to teach them the letters than by exposing them to the things they are amazed by and love? 

Use these posts as a guide and let your creativity do the rest. Play. Please play. Children learn by playing. This is not HOMEWORK. It shouldn’t feel like work.

Bring these posts into your home. Your child will learn his/her letters in no time, and a WHOLE lot more! 

Do you really just want a child that knows his abcs? I’d much rather my prince know 30-100 animals and what they eat, look, and sound like…places they live in…the name of plants or rivers and lakes, continents of the world, etc.

The bonus to this blog as a resource is that the videos can also be used to create more complex projects or discussions with older children in household.  Nature is a family thing and so is fun!


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