Z is for…

17 Nov

Zorilla http://bit.ly/byPXoY

The SMELLIEST animal on earth!

To print this diagram, go to http://bit.ly/b5KW11

This image was taken from: http://bit.ly/cWybjJ      She has a cool zorilla snack idea!

If you are just not into eating beans (we think you are crazy but its okay) just play around with black beans and rice. Make patters and glue them on a Z a pic of a zorilla.

And check this out…Pandas are black and white and they are the ONLY bear that uses scent and zorillas are the smelliest animals on earth. I think a lesson on smelling things is definately in order!

Animals to compare and contrast with zorillas: Gorillas (just because the words rhyme and your kids will think you are silly) and skunks because they actually are related, are both black and white, and both release a strong scent.

Zorillas are nocturnal.  What does this mean?

This is a great idea to tie in your “Z” character to both zebras and zorillas.  http://bit.ly/b5FbEa

Zebras   http://bit.ly/Y7J7r

Worksheets and activities: http://bit.ly/a6HIxi

For the longest time, zebras, horses, and donkeys were interchangeable to my prince. I think Shrek took care of clarifying the “donkey” but zebra and horse took a little more effort on my part.  A great thing to do is to compare and contrast these 3 related animals, or at least the horse and zebra since those are usually more closely linked.

Aside from the colored stripes, Zebras are native to Africa, can never be domesticated, some zebras are endangered and one species is even extinct.


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