Y is for…

17 Nov

yak   http://bit.ly/6lx1t

Check out this Yak page for pictures and background of life in the Himalayas. http://bit.ly/903TFr

Where in the world are the Himalayas? Tibet? Pull out your maps.

Yaks are very valuable animals that give people  meat, milk, for transportation, and fuel (yes! their “poop” or dung makes energy like gasoline).  Take the opportunity to learn about other cultures when talking about yak.

Remember, empathy and violence are used by same “circuits” or wiring of the brain.  One of the ways that we avoid violence in our youth and future adults is by developing empathy or care for others and the way we do that is to understand other people and the world.

Worksheets & activities: http://bit.ly/bxS8XP

You can also do a yellow nature theme!

yellow canaries


yellow daffodoils

 yellow pepper (painting)


Look through magazines or books in your home and find yellow nature objects.  Go to the grocery store and go on a yellow fruit and vegetable hunt.  Talk about yellow being a primary color and mix with red, another primary color, to make orange. 

Yellow lemon jell-o (gelatin) mixed can be used to make a watery paint. When it dries (and any other jell-o mix, it can be “scratched” and “sniffed.”


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