X is for…

17 Nov

xyris   http://bit.ly/9lYkxs

Watch this video of yellow eyed grasses, http://bit.ly/9wC5q7

The letter x is a challenge to pair up but its an easy one to learn. 

Have your children make an “x” with their fingers and once they have control of their fingers, have them use it to “mark the spot.”

It would be great to talk about extinct animals, like dinosaurs. 

Talk about reasons why animals become extinct. How is being extinct different from being endangered?

Comparing and contrasting is a great exercise for parents, older children, and young toddlers.

But remember, comparing and contrasting with babies and toddlers is supposed to be fun and playful. No lectures or speeches please. 😉

Here is a dinosaur page: http://bit.ly/akkDZA


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