W is for…

17 Nov

walrus   http://bit.ly/gMxIx

An incredible video about a mom and baby walrus.   Use it as a lesson about nursing, affection, sisterhood, protection, and so much more!

This video below introduces very unique concepts about these animals.  It is important to talk to children about climate changes, which humans are mostly responsible for, and its effects on animals.

Children sometimes get nervous or anxious and react violently or become agitated.  This is a good video to show that even animals in nature feel that way.  Use it to explain feelings and reactions.

Worksheet and activities: http://bit.ly/bn3t1T


Believe it or not, water is always a wonderful theme! The possibilities are endless! Just think: water cycle, waves, bodies of water (rivers, lakes, oceans), temperatures of water and products (steam/ice), uses of water, water sports…there is just so much!

Here are some worksheets: http://bit.ly/dn67fS

A super simple water science “experiment”  http://bit.ly/cRPiZ7

Ocean in a bottle? http://bit.ly/aHn9Fj

Surfing waves (waves made of water…its like a w delight)

whales   http://bit.ly/13vfD0

Even bigger than the biggest dinosaur…the blue whale!

Sei whale eating. These animals are amazing.

How big and powerful are they? Just breathtaking!

Orca whales

Even though they live in water, whales like dolphins are mammals not fish.  One of the characteristics of mammals is that they breastfeed or nurse. Here is a short video of a baby whale nursing.

Worksheets and activities: http://bit.ly/a6i8PH


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