T is for…

16 Nov

Toucan  http://bit.ly/LV9JV

Toucans rock! And since the next video is a song, we kept the musicality theme with this video. That being said…music develops a baby’s  brain wires big time, specially ages 0-5, to turn this into a music lesson!  

Animated song to learn with your tots. We love the whistling, use this space and make up your own words to the whistling, maybe a freestyle RAP? 🙂

Toucan coloring page: http://bit.ly/97UmCd

Toucan mask craft: http://bit.ly/9lN317

 Tulips    http://bit.ly/dtLUlj

Just look at these fields they go on and on!  Play estimation games! How many flowers do we think are there? Are these fields as big as soccer fields or football fields? Math concepts are everywhere!

Not all flowers are the same. Teach your children about the difference flowers. Even in the winter you can explore your local grocery store’s floral department. Buy a cheap bunch and count petals, sort by colors, types, and sizes.

Holland, Europe is world known for its tulips but guess what? We found an amazing garden in Kashmir, Asia!  Yes…you already know…BUST OUT YOUR MAP! GO!  And while you are at it…what languages are spoken in these countries?

The letter T: http://bit.ly/c7BXEw

Free tulip “how many” printable found here: http://bit.ly/cI7Yq9


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