S is for…

16 Nov

Spider    http://bit.ly/118mxg

Spider crafts found on Paper Crafts for Children:

http://bit.ly/ccxTLV  and http://bit.ly/cktPJY

Worksheet: http://bit.ly/d4sAH5

Spiders have 8 legs so its a great critter to build on while you are working on the number 8. 

One of the things we do at my house is sing the Itsybitsy Spider but we slow it all the way down and then start progressing until we are singing it super fast! By the end, we are barely getting the hand movements or words RIGHT half the time! But, its a lot of fun!

BELOW: The prince and I spend some time watching spiders, learning new vocabulary, and tying it all together with our plastic “play” spiders courtesy of the Halloween clearance isle on November 1st!

Sharks    http://bit.ly/d1UTxj

This is not your traditional “shark” video or image. This is a whale shark, the world’s largest fish! It is completely harmless to humans.

On the other hand…the great white shark!

Note: As you can image, any video of the great white shark is intense and includes hunting of another animal, images of teeth, etc. Use your judgement.  They are amazingly intense animals though and we chose a short video.  

Here is a worksheet we like A LOT!    http://bit.ly/bLQ9yr

It introduces the “sh” together instead of just the “s” character. Remember, this is a unique sound and different from an s alone.   

Snail   http://bit.ly/198dVX

My 2yr old is just nuts about snails!

More amazing images from here:  http://bit.ly/cSzw85

NOTE:  Even though we didn’t pick SNAKES for our “s” entries, when you think about an easy letter-to animal combination to learn, you’ve got to talk about “s” and “snake”.  The letter s is easy to manipulate too with a bendable hair rod, your finger “air writing”, or with sand.  Its a great letter to start writing, practing, and sssssssssounding OUT!


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