R is for…

16 Nov

Rhinoceros  (rhino)   http://bit.ly/CzYJp

Most adorable video ever!   http://bit.ly/cJoUPV  Baby rhino defends mom!

This is an animated “rhino” song. Learn it with the tots!

Here is simple craft you can make recycling an paper towel tube:  http://bit.ly/czjNM7

Rhinos live in Africa and Asia so bring out your maps! Their horns aren’t really horns, they are made of keratin like your hair and nails.  There are two types of rhinos, some with one horn, others with two. Find other pictures and learn the difference between the two. What do these large animals eat?

Rattlesnake    http://bit.ly/EshO5

Note: rattlesnake eats a squirrel towards end of video. My 2 yr old likes it. Use your judgement.

Rattlesnake and other snake crafts. Just scroll down and explore:   http://bit.ly/cTDBTc

Seasame Street vintage clip of rattlesnake & body parts


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