Q is for…

16 Nov


Beautiful images of quail http://bit.ly/9bEdj6

Quails eat seeds and worms.  People from different parts of the world eat quail eggs differently.  How about you map the eggs in all the countries that they are eaten?  http://bit.ly/aGNk1V

Here is a link to quail worksheets and activities: http://bit.ly/a2x16I

Find the pic for this craft here: http://bit.ly/98xmIj

Now, “Q” has fewer options when it comes to words in nature BUT, you can be creative and do “queen bee” and animals that are “quick.”

Quick or fast animals:

1. Cheetah (land)

2. Spine-tailed swift (air)

3. Shortfin Mako shark (water)

Don’t forget your quick tot! A little quick running break? Why not!


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