P is for…

16 Nov

Platypus   http://bit.ly/r6Id0

He’s a mammal, with a duck-like beak and webbed feet, that lays eggs? Now tell me what kiddo won’t think this is a cool animal?

Panda Bear  http://bit.ly/HhLyL

Panda bears are usual favorites and easy to find in any inexpensive stuffed version.  You can use them to teach black and white as colors and come up with a black and white theme (introduce zebras in this theme don’t be focused on ONE letter…not ever!). Bring out the white and dark chocolate! Why not?

What other things around your house are black and white? Newspaper? Keep going!


Pandas are the only bears that use SCENT so this is a great animal to tie into a scent activity! Smell things around the house. Cinnamon, candles, pickles! There are many things you have around the house to take a sniff at! Go on a panda-smelling house adventure…

Bears are a great theme. Try finding pictures and/or videos (we have some here) of bears (brown, black, polar, koala, panda) and match them  up with what they eat or where they live. Time to bust out your maps! Yeah!

Panda worksheet: http://bit.ly/9fzW39

Pistol shrimp (note: the words pistol and firing are used. Use your judgement.)

Next time your kids are being loud or hear a loud noise how about saying “you guys (or that) are as loud as pistol shrimps?” Try that for a change of pace!


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