O is for

16 Nov

Ostrich  http://bit.ly/11mCRz

We found out about this craft through www.sillyeaglebooks 

Download and print the template to this craft here http://bit.ly/cEbNYV

Other worksheet and crafts: http://bit.ly/cHX7Vi

Do all birds fly? Nope! The ostrich is a flightless bird, which does not fly. Talk about about flightless birds, how they are different, and what other types of birds are also flightless.  Here is an info link:  http://bit.ly/bffhPD

Octopus   http://bit.ly/fvO3I

Call us crazy but we don’t think aquatic animals (yes…we are using fancy words…sea animals) get enough attention!  What’s up with that? Cool thing about octopus is that you get to talk about the ocean, the root word “oct-” (means 8! Remember Octagon? Oct-a-mom?), tentacles, and all sorts of cool stuff you wouldn’t normally think of…which really is the whole point of this site!

Want to try a GREAT activity? One adult or tall child with 4 little children will do the trick! Tall person in middle and the children around in circles, each child’s hand will be tentacle, try to walk around and have the kiddos wiggle their arms around…what do you have? A GIANT MOVING OCTOPUS in your living room. (psss 4 x 2 = 8 oh, yeah you just taught them some math and they didn’t even know it!)

Get a worksheet: http://bit.ly/buetJO   or a craft http://bit.ly/gyc9XS

Owls   http://bit.ly/OD5g6

Find this and other owl crafts here: http://bit.ly/cDu5cu

Try to make a sound like an owl (called a hoot).  Talk about how owls can rotate their heads almost in a full circle (trust me…you can sneak in some math into this one!), how they are nocturnal (there is that word again), and eat mostly rodents (mice, rats, etc.)


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