N is for…

16 Nov

Newt  http://bit.ly/5m0Ch

Newts look like wet lizards.  They are amphibians (not reptiles like lizards). Find out the difference in the two and talk about it. If you have toy lizards you can make a dirt bowl and a water bowl and put them side by side and make the wet lizard be a newt.

They come in all colors. Check these out  http://bit.ly/bsMBdE

Narwhal   http://bit.ly/lRl8l

Forget unicorns! Check out these narwhals!

Print and color:  http://bit.ly/baLzTt

These creatures are just TOO amazing!

Their horns are up to 9 feet long! What does 9 feet look like? Use an adult size shoe (or 9) to measure and “estimate” what 9 feet are. Then use a measuring tape or ruler and measure the exact length. See how close you got. 

Talk about how heavy you think these horns might be. Introduce two containers with water, one heavier than the other to make sure kids understand the idea of “heavy.”  Lenght, weight, and estimation are all important math concepts!


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