M is for…

16 Nov

Mountains  http://bit.ly/bRssml

We like these videos because it shows mountains are actual homes and stomping grounds for animals.  This video features a mother puma and bear and their cubs.  Mother starts with m.  The second video! It introduces another great “M” word…monkeys! Don’t tie the “m” and these “m” words all at once while you are watching video but when you are doing your activities go through the “m” sound and use the words “monkey,” “mom,” “mountains!”

We found that craft here:  http://bit.ly/9mAKzq

How about printing out some little monkey or using some monkey sticker and pasting them right on the mountain M after they watch video? Perfect!

Don’t forget to pull out your map! Where is Ethiopia? (Hint: Africa)

And you can’t have a talk about mountains without talking about triangles right?

Monkeys   http://bit.ly/YqRBz

For worksheets and ideas go here:  http://bit.ly/d30zLD

How many different types of monkeys can you name? How are they different?  How are they the same? Compare and contrast!

Meerkats   http://bit.ly/cIMmW4

It’s always fun to explore the less common animals, specially babies! And if you didn’t see this video…would you ever really know about the TEAM work and family values that this animal possesses? Probably not!


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