L is for…

16 Nov


Where do lions live? (Africa, Asia, and zoos worldwide)  Why are they called the King of the Jungle? (A full grown lion, specially male with a full mane, whose main job is to protect his pride, commands the title)? Do all lions have manes? (just the males)  Lions are part of the big cats, what are the 3 other ones?  (tiger, leopard, jaguar)


Seasame Street animated clip, “Ladybug Picnic”

Not all ladybugs are red and black.  Yellow, orange, and all brown or black are found as well.  These cute little critters eat fruit, plants, and even other insects!


Below is a cool, cheap, fun craft from www.sillyeaglebooks.com  This is a sure repeat!


This image located: contrib.andrew.cmu.edu

This image located: betelgeuse.umeqs.maine.edu

You can talk about different kinds of leaves and why leaves change colors. Do a google image search for pics (when you “google” search you can click at the top where it says “images” and it will give you all pictures). If there are leaves, even dry ones, outside take the time to go outside and pick some. Bring them in and study them, find them  online.

Here is an animated song about leaves and the seasons: http://bit.ly/bMOrsv 

Here is a GREAT craft using leaves that we have used for other animals but since we are on the letter “L” check out this lion!

Super cheap. Super fun.

We found this craft here: http://bit.ly/ackL56  and by the way, www.craftycrow.com is one of our favorite crafting blogs.  Another craftycrow leaf idea:  http://bit.ly/ccLoHt


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