K is for…

16 Nov


This is a picture of rare albino kangaroos.  Baby kangaroo’s are called joeys (actually all baby “marsupials” are called joeys.) They belong to the marsupial family just like Koala bears and carry their babies in their pouches until they are fully grown.

For a quick activity jump around the house like kangaroos! But, remember, kangaroos aren’t doing the “bunny hop” we want to see fast, long, strong jumping going on!

Worksheets: http://bit.ly/cnCo8t


Koala Bears

Worksheets: http://www.first-school.ws/theme/animals/wild/koala.htm

Koalas and kangaroos live in Australia…bring out the maps!

Have 1+ kids? Make a big letter K and put in middle of the room. Have a koala (or more) side and a kangaroo side, each side walks up to the “K” and shows the other how their animal acts. Swap.


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