J is for…

16 Nov

Jellyfish   http://bit.ly/GMXVw

Jellyfish = bathtime fun! Try watching this video close to bathtime and use a rag or washtowel to represent a jellyfish.

Grab some worksheets & ideas why don’t cha?! http://bit.ly/aIj7rm

Have older kids? Make it a lesson for everyone by printing this one out for them: http://bit.ly/bL1gej

Jellyfish activity ideas: http://bit.ly/bLGCAT

Jaguar  http://bit.ly/19phpb

You can have black or spotten jaguars. It’s great to introduce different big cats to kids and compare and contrast.

BTW, this picture of this jaguar and her adorable cub is found http://bit.ly/cl1fWJ

Spotted jaguar coloring page: http://bit.ly/c73qWV


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