H is for…

16 Nov

Hurricane  http://bit.ly/dCeHLl

Hurricanes and little tots? Really? Yes! Check out some lesson plan ideas: http://bit.ly/6OBMI5

Hummingbird  http://bit.ly/I2GJL

These are the smallest birds and super fast, oh, and they love sweets! Hmm…who else is small and fast and loves sweets? Your kids! This is a GREAT bird to share.

Hummingbird coloring page: http://bit.ly/bHTy12

Want to try something really cool? Hummingbird feeders! http://bit.ly/9EV0mw

Hyena   http://bit.ly/cvcRBD

Hyena’s are knowing for their “laugh” but they are dangerous predators, fast and powerful.  There are lots of concepts you can teach with this lesson. First, the laugh of course. When acting out, there is also that “hunch back” thing they have going on!  The idea of “packs” or groups and strenght in a group is a great one. Talk about packs and families. Again, these might be complicated things but it exposes your child to animals, nature, new words and it also is great for teaching older kids and smaller kids at same time!

This video great. It also gives you a little introduction to the birds, vultures, and of ants. Oh, and of jackals, pups, and even breastfeeding!

Hippo  http://bit.ly/9fsotU

This is a great video! We had enough “h” entries but kids love hippos and this video introduces carp fish (Watch! Your kids will get a kick out of it)  Use words like parasite, co-living, and teamwork! The possibilities are endless!

Want a worksheet? Grab it here http://bit.ly/aD6Njc



robin  http://bit.ly/Z7Gdu

emu  http://bit.ly/n6tzT

But its not just birds…other animals, such as turtles, also lay eggs.

Here’s a turtle hatching.


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