G is for…

16 Oct


Note: This video is extra special. It introduces Africa’s shape and written word (geography).

You can’ t beat walking around like a gorilla and beating your chest but, crafts are always fun.

Ideas for crafts and printables:  http://bit.ly/awMmqa and http://bit.ly/9VdfXB

Online gorilla book (kinda fun, animated, and it has a good lesson): http://bit.ly/9bJBMc


This craft is found here: http://bit.ly/bcltlR

But check this, you can do this on a regular 8×5 size paper. There is no shame in our momma game! You work with what you have!

Note: Even if you have a small child you can talk about how giraffe’s live in the wild but are “endangered” and need safe places to live like this conservation where good people take care of them. Your kids may not understand everything but you can build their brains and introduce them to many words and concepts. Don’t be afraid to challenge them.


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