F is for…

14 Oct


I liked this craft. It’s supposed to be for Valentine but…I think its shapes + animals.

See this flamingo craft: http://bit.ly/dcuM8e

Please do not miss out on standing on one leg as long as you can and even bending if you still GOT IT LIKE THAT! Your kids will find it adorable!


Here’s a link to some crafts and worksheets:  http://bit.ly/ackL56

Here’s a pic of a craft from the blog Totally Tots http://bit.ly/98xmIj

You can also find leaves and shape them to make a leaf animal in shape of a fox.  

We found this craft here: http://bit.ly/ackL56

Here’s my prince using the site. He approves.


There are both green and brown frogs (and red and yellow and orange!) show your tot the difference! Ribbit and hop around your house!

Note: Frogs (some) eat flies! Both start with F! Let your imagination run wild!

Here is a craft for frogs http://bit.ly/9A5tMs  Here is what it looks like:

I know all of you can follow instructions(on link) but I’m easily overwhelmed, so here is a recap: take 4-5 pics of frogs (clip art works), color and decorate them the cut them and paste on popsicle sticks, stick them or slit them through a paper towel roll. 🙂

This is a pretty graphic frog clip. My 2 yr old loves it but you should watch it (and all videos) and decide what’s appropriate.

My prince eats spiders.


You don’t always have to use videos! Nature pics work GREAT! And whenever your little one shows that he/she just loves a picture, save it, print it (at home or someplace else), and frame it! Walmart has frames for $1 and printing a color copy runs .35-.95 depends on where you print. My trick: I always find two pics and have them print them 5 x 7 size which works for frames and gets me 2 pics for the price of ONE copy!

Check these google image galleries out:



Fungi (We had to include it because fungi and forest just go together!)

The word possibilities are so cool! Try using decay, recycling, rotting, mushrooms, tropics…Go!


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