E is for…

12 Oct

Elephant  http://bit.ly/M6kiP

You can’t teach your child the E or Elephant without acting out an elephant and his trunk.  You could prentend you are a circus clown and eat peanuts (if not allergic of course). 

Here’s a link to worksheets that you can and SHOULD make your own with cutting, pasting, crafting, etc!  http://bit.ly/9Lbi4m

On behalf of the elephants I’d like to point out that in addition to their long trunks they do have wonderful ears, long teeth, and funny tails that should be noted, made fun of, played with, and talked about while discussing.  African elephants and Asian elephants are a little different but they both start with A!  Pull out your crafty map or globe and show your child where Africa and Asia are…the lessons are plentiful!

Here is a craft idea and worksheet:

http://bit.ly/bhS4HI   and http://bit.ly/9Lbi4m  

Eagle   http://bit.ly/CvJsv

Elephants are endangered and so are eagles!  So if you are covering “E” over the course of a week or two, then the word “endangered” should fit right in. 

I don’t ever resist the temptation of pretend flying whenever we cover a “bird” but eagles are specially fun because you get to gliiiiidddddeeee like an airplane all over your home instead of flapping away.

Here is the link to worksheets:

http://bit.ly/baawoi   and http://bit.ly/bumXYi

Sensory Poster: If you  have feathers (you can buy some in the craft isle at Wal-Mart) make sure you bring them into your worksheets.   No feathers? Glue rice everywhere that you have white (the head)! Popcorn (pre-popped) kernels are great to blue on for an eagle’s feet.


Speaking about endangered species should organically bring up the word earth.  Though you wouldn’t watch and do all crafts at same time, these particular words fit together for a perfect theme group! Kid’s brains really love “building” blocks!

Let your child be the sun and rotate around him.  Change roles!


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