D is for…

10 Oct

Dolphin  http://bit.ly/3nWKjY

Dolphins are GREAT! All kids love them and its a cool way to introduce the acuatic mammals (whales and dolphins aren’t fish, take a shot at teaching your kids that early).

They also make great noises to act out.  One of the videos shows how dolphins teach their young by having them mirror what they do.  This is perfect for a mimic game!

Throw some blue food coloring in bathwater and play a mimic game, have your child be your little dolphin.

Here are some worksheets:   http://bit.ly/cCblHZ

Desert  http://bit.ly/9supVA

Deserts = sand. Sand = sensory boxes. Sensory boxes = happiness.  What more is there?

A plastic shoe box + sand + a few plastic ants or insects + these two videos is all you need to get your child to have a working understanding for a desert.   You can also, create a forest sensory box and compare and contrast.

Make a poster and even use the hair dryer to explain how very hot the desert sun gets!


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