C is for…

10 Oct

Caterpillar http://bit.ly/9Z1fao

The caterpillar is a great one to act out (as if acting out with kids wasnt’ always great?).  You can add wings for when you become a butterfly (left over from Halloween or tape some paper) or just have imaginary wings. Lay a sheet on floor, drag yourself on floor until you reach to sheet then roll around in it until you are nice and tight. Lay still. Slowly but surely, unravel yourself and go off flying (now a butterfly).

Introduce the word metamorphasis to your child (just hearing a toddler attempt it is worth it!) when speaking about the caterpillar and talk about change.  Remember, babies are changing as fast as caterpillars, they can relate!  Below is the life cycle of a butterfly. 

See our post  http://bit.ly/9Drrs3 on butterflies!  You’ll even catch a video of my prince in that post!

Print Caterpillar worksheets  http://bit.ly/9czJ3b

Read the Very Hungry Caterpillar (check out in your local library or buy it used! It’s a classic so there are alot of copies around and even with shipping it shouldn’t be more thant $5).

Very Hungry Caterpillar worksheets: http://bit.ly/bTsOqI

And of course, make a caterpillar at home! See the pic right here! It’s so easy and adorable. Don’t have pom poms? How about gumdrops? cotton balls? Use what you have at home! Your child does not know the difference! It doesn’t MATTER! What matter is that you are playing, learning, & having fun!  

Chipmunks   http://bit.ly/EpNuB

Real chipmunks are good to look at because for so many kids they are just a cartoon or caricature.  Plus, they are super cute!  You can find worksheets for these or squirrels and segway into squirrels being related (glue squiggly eyes to make them special). http://bit.ly/ci2vo0

Chipmunks are furry, soft, cute, fast, and they store food for the winter. 

Cactus  http://bit.ly/bLAX8L

Take a ball of play dough and put toothpicks all over it.  If you have a plastic or real flower you can place on top. Talk abou t cacti living in deserts leading up to the letter…D!

When speaking about cacti use words like spiny or prickly and find things that are prickly or pointy to show you child what those adjectives “feel” like.


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