B is for… (Part II)

10 Oct

Bears http://bit.ly/bJdE8B

Find worksheets for bears.  Find some here:   http://bit.ly/bbdciO

Read bear stories.  Brown Bear, Brown Bear is our favorite one! Buy it used or check out at local library.  

Here is a link to worksheets for Brown Bear, Brown Bear and other bear themes: http://bit.ly/cNpgqr

 Here’s a video of a my toddler doing a bear assembly sheet.

Find a worksheet or picture of the panda and one of the grizzly. Find a picture of a bambo and one of a fish (or draw one…your child will not mock your art). Ask your child to match the food item to the bear and talk about the differences. To make it more challenging, also add a polar bear and have two pictures of a fish.  You can play games, which one eats something different and which ones eat the same things…etc. Make it “light” not difficult! It should feel like a game to your child (and you).

Bees  http://bit.ly/AmKAJ

ACT it out! Draw flowers and put them the floor, then buzz away like bees and go from flower to flower, at some point, huddle up with your little one(s) and eat some toast with honey (or maple syrup if your child is sensitive to honey).

Teach your child this simple concept: “the bees take nectar from the flowers to make honey.”  You can easily make a one sheet story summary such as this http://bit.ly/es0JOF using word and clipart.


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