A is for… (part II)

10 Oct

Alligator http://bit.ly/12AJ2M

Bring it home:

Here are some great ideas and worksheets to print from the internet:  http://bit.ly/bZDE6N

And an easy craft can be found here:  http://bit.ly/aJj2T7

Another craft we found here:  http://bit.ly/cjBqPI

Here’s a pic! If you are a challenged-crafty type mom (like me) then you can skip the painting green and do a brown one. 🙂

When talking about alligators use words like rough, strong, large, sharp (teeth), reptile, etc. Talk and look up crocodiles.  They are very similar animals. Compare the differences. If you have more than one child you can have team crocodile and team alligator.  You are in charge! Just have fun.

Atlantic Albatross    http://bit.ly/cbIThZ

I had never heard of this bird until I watched this video and was simply amazed.  Did he just say that these birds can eat seals? Yup! The video brings up all kinds of vocabulary words like scavengers, career choices, geography (where is the Atlantic?), colors, and even math (he uses the word 2,000 and 20 and he also says “about” which means he’s estimating all math concepts)!


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