A is for…

9 Oct

Ant  http://bit.ly/bD2aWy

Anteater  http://bit.ly/zl4Jt

Bring it home:

1. Using a bare paper towel cardboard board for nose/mouth, have your child role play as if he was an anteater, let him eat you, the ant. Reverse roles.

2. Make a poster (a regular size paper is fine). Color the back with brown, green, and gray, maybe glue little rocks or dry grass  or leaves for background.  Print an anteater worksheet off the internet, color, cut, and paste the anteater on the background.  Draw some ants on the ground near the ant eater.

Search the web for images or use this one we found:    http://bit.ly/dtWaER

3. Save your poster and your character “A” worksheets in your binder (see the How To Use This Blog page).  http://bit.ly/cOchAz

Want to see MY prince learning his A using these same ideas? Click below! He is too cute!


When speaking about these animals to your child don’t forget to use descriptive words and act excited and enthusiastic about animals!  Laugh as the anteater eats you.  Jump as the ant bites you! Introduce the terms insect and mamals, as well as, different locations like the jungle and Australia (Australia also starts with “A”.)  It would be great to show him/her all locations on a map or globe.


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